steve diamond elements

Steve Diamond Elements

    Did you know there is actually no "Steve" in Steve Diamond Elements?

    Who and what are we then?
    SDE was constructed as a photography project back in 2011 with hopes to spotlight individuals that operate outside the mainstream. The photographers on staff live and breathe action, as well they have a deep appreciation for the arts. We had aspirations of providing a service to not only the subjects, but also to fellow photographers wanting to step up their skills and truly learn what it takes to capture an image through both private and community based classes.

    Since then, SDE has been named the "official" photographers of many incredible events, including the 2012 Can Am games, Granite City Crossfit Games and a host of others, most recently the Central Roadracing Association. We take pride in our images, and work hard to bring our clients a unique style that well represents their craft, as well as ours.

    Many incredible opportunities have transpired since the dawn of Steve Diamond Elements, but one thing remains consistent, and that is our commitment to individuals who truly dedicate themselves.

    Nick Campbell